From 2008 to 2018, as part of its ProBonoHye Volunteer InitiativeGlobalist Films produced more than 20 videos, for non-profit organizations and educational institutions. Although that decade-long initiative has run its course, the videos, which you can watch below, remain relevant today.

Ultramarathoner Telma Altoon

Congressman Berman meets with Armenian Community

Serj Tankian Protests Sony

WWII Kindertransport: Saving Jewish Children

Sierra Club hikes with Paul Krekorian

Flea’s Plea for Silverlake Music Conservatory

Serbian Missions

Museum of Tolerance Ribbon Cutting

2015 Vote PSA – Burbank ANCA

Educators Speak Out in Buena Park

Food InSecurity

John Krikorian Tribute

“Saving Strokes” Huntington Hospital (Pasadena)

Krikor Satamian 50th Anniversary Reel

Cannonball Run “2904 Club”

Burbank ANC 2008 Banquet Video

2011 AGBU MDS Open-House Video

2012 AGBU MDS Open-House Video

2013 AGBU MDS Open-House Video

35th Anniversary Video – AGBU MDS

Media City Groove presents: Fronnie Lewis interviews Burbank School Board candidate Steve Ferguson

Armenian Cultural Foundation [ACF] Beshir Mardirossian Burbank Youth Center