The 100-Year-Old Survivor

[Winner of a 2015 RTNA Golden Mike for “Best Video Editing of a Feature Special”]

[3rd Place, 2016 L.A. Press Club Award for Best Documentary]

In May 2007, Ghazaros Kademian turned 100, and was on a mission, from community events to city halls to political demonstrations, trying to get his adopted country of America to officially recognize as “genocide,” what he had survived as an orphaned boy. It was a tall order, as presidents from Bush to Clinton to Bush had issued annual statements lamenting the World War One-era killings as “massacres,” but not “genocide.”

From the age of 100 to 101, we see Kademian joining forces with thousands of his fellow Armenian-Americans in a search for justice.

Los Angeles attorney Mark Geragos, who is seen giving an impassioned speech in Times Square toward the end of the 54-minute film, says, “The 100-Year-Old Survivor is a one-man tour de force of original throwback reporting that unfortunately is almost extinct in today’s world. This documentary can only be described as: An unrivled journalistic masterpiece.”